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There is a vast range of benefits from psychological treatment. The overarching aim of therapy is to reduce personal suffering by exploring the workings of your mind! This can be achieved in a variety of ways depending on the person, the problem, and the situation they are in. Sometimes being heard by an independent listener who has your interests at heart can be helpful and enough to change the way life is experienced. In other cases basic skills training in communication in relationships with self and others is enough to make a big difference. In some cases, a deep exploration and re-imagining of the whole life lived so far is necessary. It all depends! The benefits of counselling can be far reaching because if there’s something holding you back in life – like a past or present trauma, a broken heart, an addiction, low self-esteem and lack of confidence, a bad relationship at home or at work, a loss of drive and desire, a feeling of being unloved or being unlovable – then getting free of it will actually completely change the experience of life! As we say at Veevers Bryant Psychologists, we’re here to support you, to support yourself! Ultimately it is your relationship with your self that is going to matter. We’re here to get you over what’s holding you back and get you going again to pursue your dreams and desires with restored hope and enthusiasm.
People come to psychologists for a vast range of reasons, with a variety of symptoms, issues, and complaints. Suffering is the one thing that those seeking psychological support have in common, and the belief that things could and should be better. Some people don’t think that their particular problem is worth getting help with and others think their problem is insurmountable with or without help. If you feel that you are suffering and that life ought to be better, instead of pre-judging whether or not counselling is right for you, get on the phone, reach out and talk to a psychologist about your situation and find out if you could benefit. It might be that all you need is a psychological tweak, or, if necessary, a complete reformation!
At Veevers Bryant Psychologists you can rest assured that we do our best to keep our fees affordable. If you are a Medicare card-holder then you are entitled to government rebates for our service on the Better Access to Mental Health Services Scheme (learn more at www.health.gov.au/mentalhealth-betteraccess). Private health cover often includes rebates for psychological services. If you are on a TAC, Victims of Crime, Workcover, or ATAPs program then there is no out-of-pocket cost for services. As you can imagine counselling is not a one-size-fits-all service. Remember because you are unique, so too are your challenges, and no-one can say exactly how many sessions you may need. If you keep in mind that you and your mental health are very important, then psychotherapy is a very worthy investment in your self! Our psychologists aim to do the best we can for you in the shortest possible time. Call us or email us for the details of your eligibility for rebates and your out-of-pocket expenses.